Experiences in the conquest of neurosis by Morita Therapy

Victory over gastrointestinal neurosis lasting 40 years.

By Mr. Tsuneo Okamoto, Director of The Mental Health Okamoto Memorial Foundation

Chronic weak stomach cured in three months.

By Mr. Teruo Ohnishi, Toyonaka City

Afflicted by headache and insomnia from neurosis

By Ms. Suzuyo Ohtani

Victory over the distress of anthropophobia

By Ms. Tomoko Minegishi

Afflicted by anthropophobia (ereuthophobia)

By Ms. Takeko Muromoto

Escape from the depths of anxiety

By Mr. Yoshihiro Yasuda

My ten years making the most of Morita in my life (sickness phobia)

By Ms. Sugako Yorita, aged 42. operator of a culture center in Hyogo Prefecture

My experiences

By Mr. Yasuhiro Etani, aged 38, office worker

Conquering the fear of fainting by "taking things as they are"

By Mr. Kazuhito Shibata

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